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Healey's Hideaway premiered on the CBC Doc Channel , Canada,  in 2015.  

 In March 2016, We were able to celebrate Jeff Healey's 50th birthday  with a screening of the film, friends and music.

Since the airing of the film , we were able to  participate in Film Festivals and many more events that proved the importance of Jeff's contribution to the music industry. 

This month we are happy and proud to announce the official DVD & Digital release in North America of Healey's Hideaway. 

As of June 14, 2016   MVD Entertainment Group will make the film available on DVD , VOD, Digital downloads and streaming in the US & Canada.   For a complete list of providers,  you may go to  MVD's website, Amazon, iTunes, Googleplay , night flight, over drive, and more.  

As of July 01 2016, Healey's Hideaway will be available on VOD in the USA.

As of October 2018 Healey’s Hideaway is available on the NFB’s website

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